Greece is one of the most tourist places in the world where there are many attractions to see during your visit. Explore a wide variety of sights in mainland Greece and the Greek Islands including ancient monuments and medieval buildings, various churches, museums, mountainous landscapes and beautiful beaches.

From mainland Greece, one of the most famous sights is Parthenon on top of the Acropolis in Athens, also called the Sacred Rock, with a unique complex of ancient buildings. Ancient Delphi , another popular attraction was an important Greek religious sanctuary sacred to the god Apollo. You could also visit Ancient Olympia, one of the most notable ancient sights, the place of worship of Zeus and where the Olympic Games started taking place located in the Peloponnese. Meteora in Central Greece with the oldest and largest monasteries located above some of the pillars of stone. It is an amazing sight when reaching on top the scenery is fascinating.

From the Greek Islands, the Knossos Palace is one of the best attractions in Crete to explore the history of Minoan civilization. Also Elafonisi beach is considered one of the best beaches in Crete with fine white and pink sand. Santorini attracts many visitors every year famous for its fantastic scenery, stunning sunsets and white houses. Αcropolis of Lindos and Grand Master of the Knights in Rhodes are very interesting sights to visit. The Navagio is a paradise place in Zakynthos and is truly one of the best beaches in Greece and perhaps in the world.

There are numerous sights in Greece to discover that will make your trip a pleasant experience. You can use this guide to plan your trip and visit the best places for sightseeing. In some attractions you can even book a tour through our system and make it possible to live the dream of Greece!