The Aquarium in Gournes, Crete is a highly sought-after tourist attraction located in the eastern region of Heraklion Town. This state-of-the-art aquarium features an extensive collection of Mediterranean Sea fish and other marine animals, including giant turtles, long sharks, and an array of fascinating fish species. The aquarium's prime location along the seaside allows for easy accessibility by car or public bus. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by the magnificent sight of two 2-meter-long sharks (sand sharks and sand tiger sharks) in the largest tank of the Crete aquarium. With over 100 different species of fish, including smaller fish native to the Mediterranean Sea, this aquarium promises a truly immersive experience. Other marine creatures like lobsters, starfish, crabs, jellyfish, squids, sea urchins, and more also make for an exciting visit to The Aquarium in Gournes, Crete.

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