Kos Sights & Monuments - Asklepieion Temple in Kos, Greece, was originally a temple dedicated to Apollo in the fifth century BC. Later, in 357 BC, after the death of Hippocrates, it was transformed into a temple of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Located just four kilometres from the city, Asklepieion served as a religious and medical centre where patients from all over came to be treated using the therapies of Hippocrates. The temple had porches on three sides, with remains located on the lower terrace and a thick, high terrace supporting wall. On the middle terrace, there is an altar and several other temples dedicated to Apollo. At the top is the majestic temple of Asclepius, accessible by a grand staircase. Interestingly, the cult of Asclepius used the snake as their symbol, which has since become synonymous with medicine.

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