Lasithi Sights & Monuments - Ancient Lato in Kritsa, Crete, is a significant archaeological site that was once a vital Doric city-state. It is believed to have existed even before the "Coming of the Dorians" and is located between two hills, offering both protection from attacks and a breathtaking view of Mirambello Bay. Named after Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis, Lato was the birthplace of Nearchos, the admiral of Alexander the Great. Lato was also a member of the League of the Cretan Cities and shared the same laws with them before the end of the 3rd century B.C. The city made alliances with Rhodes, Teos, and King Eumenes of Pergamon but was in constant conflict with the neighboring city of Olous over border arrangements. Its harbor was Lato towards Kamara (modern Agios Nikolaos), which thrived so much that the administrative center was moved there in the middle of the 2nd century A.D., leading to the eventual abandonment of Lato. Explore the wonders of Ancient Lato in Kritsa, Crete, and discover its rich history.

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