Kalavryta Caves - Explore the natural wonder of the Cave of Lakes in Kalavryta, Peloponnese. This underground marvel features three interconnected caves with winding corridors and unique stalactite formations. As you traverse the 500m walkway, you'll encounter small lakes and artificial bridges that offer breathtaking views of the stalactites and stalagmites. Witness natural waterfalls in the winter months as snow melts, and discover new stalagmites in the summer when parts of the cave dry out. With a natural entrance on the main road and another man-made entrance nearby, this cave is easily accessible. Developed by local shepherds in 1967 and further developed by the municipality of Lefkasio since 1981, the Cave of the Lakes is a must-visit attraction located just 20 km from Kalavryta and 9 km from Klitoria village. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of this natural wonder in the heart of Peloponnese.

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