Korinthia Churches - Agios Vlasios Church in Xylokastro, Peloponnese, stands tall and proud in the central square of the town. This magnificent temple was built in the late 19th century on the ruins of an older church with the same name, following the pattern of the Metropolitan Church of Athens. Its imposing columns, eight-sided dome, and cylindrical roofs, all symmetrically proportioned, give an impression of grandeur and magnificence. The church of Agios Vlasios was inaugurated in 1908 by the Metropolitan Bishop of Corinth, Vartholomaios Gheorghiadis. The floor, iconostasis, and ambon were designed by renowned archeologists and architects Anastassios Orlandos and Efstathios Stikas. The captivating icon paintings inside the church were created by Spyros Vassileiou and Aginoras Asteriadis. The town's patron saint is celebrated every year on February 11th in this beautiful church. Visit Agios Vlasios Church in Xylokastro, Peloponnese, and witness its splendor for yourself.

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