Naxos Museums - The Archaeological Museum in Naxos, Greece is located at the top of Kastro's central square. Housed inside a stunning 17th-century Venetian building, this architectural masterpiece serves as an excellent representation of the Frankish period. Originally built as a Jesuit school, the building later became the School of Commerce and eventually the Archaeological Museum in 1973. It has since been declared a historical monument and proudly displays all the excavated findings from over the years.

At the Archaeological Museum, you'll find a vast collection of objects showcasing everyday life and art from the late Neolithic period to early Christian times. Among the impressive collection are marble Cycladic statues, gold jewelry, vessels, clay and marble pots, wooden tools, and funeral gifts. Many of the vessels are hand-made from coarse-grained clay and feature beautiful herringbone designs. Additionally, the museum boasts an outstanding collection of Mycenaean pottery dating back to the second millennium B.C.

The museum also features pottery, terra-cotta figurines, and statues from various periods, including the Bronze Age, Archaic Period, Classical Era, Roman Era, and Hellenistic Period. With five floors to explore, the Archaeological Museum in Naxos, Greece is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts.

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