Heraklion Sights & Monuments - Located near Heraklion, Crete, Ancient Tylissos is a significant Minoan site that was likely reliant on the palace complex of Knossos. Its strategic position controlled the area between Central and Western Crete, regulating economic activity in the wealthy Malevizi region and the extensive Psiloritis area, known for livestock farming, timber, and wool production. The town spanned a large area, with scattered traces of houses from earlier periods visible. To the north of the present-day village, three villas showcased impressive architecture similar to that of Knossos, even surpassing some palatial buildings such as those in the palace complex of Malia. The archaeological finds in the area are remarkable, including three unique large cauldrons and a bronze figurine, the largest and finest of its kind, indicating the town's strong trade and significance as a bronze working center.

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