Lasithi Caves - Pelekita Cave in Zakros, Crete is one of the biggest caves on the island, boasting a length of 310m. With its impressive size, stunning boulders, and abundant stalactite and stalagmite decor, it's unlike any other cave on Crete. Hidden amidst the rugged rocks of Zakros' wild landscape, Pelekita Cave sits at an altitude of 100m and can be found at the foot of Traostalos Mount. The entrance, also known as Pelekita or Sikia, is located 5 km northeast of Kato Zakros. Visitors can reach the cave by hiking for one hour from Kato Zakros or a quarter of the way from the sea. A notable feature of the cave is an old fig tree near the entrance, which has earned it the nickname "Cave of the Fig Tree".

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