Chania Gorges - The Avlaki Gorge in Chania, Crete is a significant religious site located just 16 km east of Chania City, near Gouverneto Monastery. The gorge served as a refuge for monks who sought shelter in its caves. One of the most ancient religious temples in Crete, the famous Catholics Monastery can be found inside a small canyon in Avlaki. Because of this association, the valley is sometimes referred to as Catholic. Hiking trails begin at Gouverneto Monastery and lead to the Catholics, providing easy access to the gorge's top and sides. Although the walk up the mountain is relatively effortless, there are short, steep intervals along the way. The route takes hikers past the Arkudiotissa Cave, where an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Artemis once stood. The trail then leads to the abandoned Catholics Monastery and the Church of St. John, which was once inhabited. When exploring the cave, be cautious as it is incredibly deep, measuring 151m. Carry a flashlight if you decide to venture inside. From the monastery, the path runs along the channel and exits the canyon, leading to the sea. Experience the historical and religious significance of the Avlaki Gorge in Chania, Crete by visiting this magnificent destination.

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