Athens Sights & Monuments - Discover the Ancient Agora in Athens, Greece, where the past comes alive in a vibrant cultural, political, and religious hub that dates back to the Neolithic period. As the marketplace of ancient Athens, the Agora has transformed into a picturesque site where visitors can explore iconic monuments from different periods, including the church of St. Apostoli from the 11th century AD, and the stunning temple Theseion-Hephaestion, which still stands in excellent condition since its construction in 449 BC. Thanks to the reorganization efforts of the tyrant Pesistratus in the 6th century BC, the Agora evolved from a residential area with private houses into the epicenter of Athenian government. With Pesistratus' vision, the Agora was equipped with a drainage system, fountains, and a temple to the Olympian gods. Over the centuries, the Athenians constructed awe-inspiring public buildings, temples to Hephaestus, Zeus, and Apollo, and adorned the Agora with lush trees. Today, the Ancient Agora of Athens is a must-see destination for history buffs and travelers looking to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Greece.

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