Patras Churches & Monasteries - The Cathedral St. Andrew in Patras, Peloponnese is a significant religious landmark that honors the town's patron saint. According to legend, Apostle Andrew, one of Jesus Christ's first disciples, was crucified in Patras at a location near the port. Today, a magnificent church stands atop the exact site where this event is said to have occurred. With its impressive Byzantine architecture featuring numerous arches and a bell tower, the Cathedral St. Andrew in Patras boasts the largest dome in the Balkans. This historic cathedral was established in 1974 and continues to draw thousands of visitors each year. Nearby, an older church also dedicated to Saint Andrew was built in 1835 and was designed by the renowned architect, Lysandros Kaftatzoglou. Adjacent to this church lies a water spring, which is believed to be where Apostle Andrew took his last breath in 66 A.D.

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