Kefalonia Sights & Monuments - The Cyclopean Walls in Kefalonia, Greece, located just outside the village of Razata, are a must-see for history buffs. These ancient walls are the ruins of the 6th to 7th-century walls of the city of Kranis, stretching over 4km (now about 2km). As one of the cities of the Ancient Sami kingdom, Krani played a significant role in Kefalonia's domination for over three thousand years. The name "Cyclopean" comes from the walls' size, which is so massive that they were believed to have been built by the mythical one-eyed giants. Additionally, this region is home to the ruins of various buildings, as well as a Doric temple dedicated to goddess Dimitra and her daughter Persephone. Don't miss the chance to explore these awe-inspiring Cyclopean Walls in Kefalonia, Greece.

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