Dipotamata (meaning 2 rivers) is a beautiful gorge to explore in Andros about 7 km long, between Syneti, Paleokastro and Kochylou settlements.The vegetation is very dense and the whole valley is a haven of a great number of animals and birds. The water has now diminished, but never stops even in times of drought. The natural environment has remained nearly untouched, because the wide paved path crossing through the gorge -once used as a main road network- stopped being used in the last 60 years. At the point where the path intersects with the river there is an arched stone bridge. Apart from the paths, the stone walls and the watermills you will also see their outbuildings, pens, huts, threshing floors etc. But the most important buildings in the area are the watermills. Today there are only 22 mills (reserved, deserted or in ruins) saved across the gorge.