Andros Gorges - Dipotamata Gorge in Andros, Greece is a stunning natural wonder that spans over 7 kilometers, nestled between the charming settlements of Syneti, Paleokastro, and Kochylou. As you explore the gorge, you will be surrounded by dense vegetation and a plethora of extraordinary animals and birds. Even during times of drought, the water flows ceaselessly through the gorge. This natural environment has been well-preserved as the paved path that once served as a primary network has remained unused for the last 60 years. Along the way, you will come across an arched stone bridge where the path meets the river. In addition to the paths, you will also witness the ruins of historic stone walls, watermills, outbuildings, pens, huts, and threshing floors. The watermills are the most significant structures in the area, with only 22 remaining mills preserved, abandoned, or ruined across the gorge. Come and experience the wonder of Dipotamata Gorge in Andros, Greece.

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