Zakynthos Caves - If you're visiting Greece, the Blue Caves in Zakynthos are a must-see attraction. These unique geological formations are located along the north-west coast of the island, starting soon after Agios Nikolaos and ending near Skinari Cape. As the name suggests, the caves are known for the stunning reflections of the water. You can visit many of them with a boat, while others are only accessible to expert swimmers and divers.

There are a variety of ways to visit the Blue Caves, including organized tours or with your own boat. If you prefer to drive, you can reach them by car between Agios Nikolaos and Skinari Cape. Visitors must walk down a hundred steps to reach the piece of coast where the caves are located. Although the rocks at the bottom are not ideal for sunbathing, they make a perfect spot for swimming and diving.

The boat tours to visit the Blue Caves depart from popular spots such as Makris Gialos beach, Agios Nikolaos port, and Cape Skinari. Don't miss out on this incredible natural wonder during your Zakynthos vacation.

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