Andros Sights & Monuments - The ancient city of Ypsili in Aprovatou, Andros, Greece is a fascinating archaeological site. Discovered in the 1980s, the first excavations unearthed relics such as the temple at the Acropolis center, buildings, part of the wall, and various artifacts. These findings are of great value for the geometric and archaic periods in the Cyclades and the Aegean. The sanctuary, believed to be dedicated to the goddess Demeter, was founded in the 8th century BC and operated until at least the second quarter of the 5th century BC. As one of the most important fortified settlements of Greece during the early Iron Age in the South Aegean, Ypsili reveals much of the urban fabric of the archaic phase of the citadel and the fortifications of the Geometric period. If you're interested in history, be sure to visit Ypsili and explore the large farmhouses from historical times that have been recently discovered in the area. Plan your trip to Ancient Ypsili in Andros, Greece today!

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