Moni Keras Kardiotissas is one of the many Orthodox monasteries in Crete. While its exact date of founding remains unknown, its origins can be traced back to the 10th–11th centuries when the first signs of its existence appeared on the slopes of Dikti. The monastery is named after its capital icons, Panagias Tis Kardias, which translates to "from the heart of the Virgin Mary." Originally established as a male monastery, the constant conflict during the Turkish occupation of Crete caused a decline in the male population, resulting in Kardiotissa Kera becoming a nunnery. Nestled amidst the gorges and cliffs on the Lasithi Plateau, this peaceful monastery offers a magnificent view of the plain of Lagada from its walls. Experience the tranquil beauty of Moni Keras Kardiotissas on your next visit to Crete.

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