The Monastery of Agios Andrea Milapidias is located in the village of Peratata in the south of the island of Kefalonia. At Peratata you can visit not only the castle but also the monastery and the museum that it's inside it.
The monastery was founded in 1579, renovated in 1639 and then suffered the devastation, including the famous earthquake of 1953, that brought to light many frescoes of the sixteenth century.
Today, the Agios Andreas Monastery in Kefalonia is a convent of nuns, a museum that houses a unique collection of beautiful Byzantine icons and ecclesiastical objects and one of the most important pilgrimage destinations thanks to a very important relic preserved in it: the foot of the Apostle Andrew. Inside the monastery, in 2002, a special building was dedicated to the museum, on two floors, where wood carvings, icons and even entire iconostasis are exposed.