The Museum of Cycladic Folklore is located at Aliki, just a few meters from the airport of Paros. The garden of the museum is consisted of olive trees, agaves, amaranth and honeysuckle. The museum exhibits unique miniatures of the Cycladic tradition, made by Benetos Skiadas. All objects are hand-crafted with absolute precision to the smallest detail.
Gri-gri, drifters, steamers, caiques, sailing and galleys built with traditional construction. Three-masted sailing war ship with 12 cannons that work with black gunpowder, the ancient ship of Kyreni , the shipyard, the loom that weaves cloth up to 10cm.
In the yard you will see the monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa located in Amorgos, Our Lady of Tinos, the war ship "ELLI" , the famous lighthouse of Andros, the Venetian Castle of Paros, the cave of Antiparos, the ancient theater of Milos, the Lions of Delos, Tinian pigeon and lots more.