Samos Sights & Monuments - The Ancient Heraion in Samos, Greece is a significant historical site located in the southern part of Samos. As the first gigantic Ionic temple in Greece, it holds a special place in history. Although the temple was destroyed, most likely by an earthquake, it was rebuilt 40 meters to the west and is even larger than before. Dedicated to the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus, Ancient Heraion boasts the largest known floor plan of any Greek temple. Legend has it that this was where Zeus and Hera spent the first 300 years of their marriage. Hera, known for her beauty and determination to prevent Zeus from having affairs with mortals, was also notorious for torturing the children he had outside of their marriage. Connected administratively and politically to the ancient city of Samos, the Sacred Way provides access to this unique site. Discover the secrets of Ancient Heraion before visiting the Archaeological Museum of Samos, where you can view the findings from the site. It's no wonder that Heraion Sanctuary has been included in the list of world cultural monuments by UNESCO.

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