Halkidiki Sights & Monuments - Ancient Agia Fotia in Lasithi, Crete is a historically significant location dating back to the 7th century B.C. This prehistoric settlement served as the most important ancient port city of Halkidiki, Andrias colony Ancient Acanthus. Situated about SE of present-day Ierissos, the city spans a 600-meter coastal hillside and features well-preserved walls, including an impressive part of the acropolis, along with scattered architectural buildings from the classical and Hellenistic eras. The cemetery, which boasts around 9,000 graves, was utilized from the Archaic (7th–6th century BC) to the later years (17th century) and occupies the coastal zone of Ierissos. Discover the fascinating history of Ancient Agia Fotia in Lasithi, Crete.

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