The Valley of the Butterflies is located 5 Km south of Parikia, near the Monastery of Jesus of Woods. This valley is popularly referred to as Petaloudes, which means in Greek. Every year during the summer months, the valley is verdant and the Jersey Tiger Moths seem to have wrapped the entire valley thereby creating a truly breathtaking natural phenomenon. The graceful trees of the valley give out a sweet fragrance that in turn draws the butterflies like magnet. This valley is in fact a very important biotope for these moths, which in Greece can only be found on Paros and Rhodes, while in the rest of the world you can admire them in a couple of places in Turkey and Britain. The Butterfly Valley is nicely tucked away on the foot of a hill just beneath a natural well. The Valley is clearly demarcated from the main road that passes above it. The most adventurous way to reach the Butterfly Valley is by donkey! However, there are organized excursions from Naoussa or Parikia, and of course, you can always take a bus or a taxi and get there on your own. The entire area is quite similar to a park and there are well defined pathways that meander through the length and breath of the Butterfly Valley.