Both Agia Paraskevi the village and the beach have been named after the chapel located in the area and are around 7 kilometres far from Skiathos Town. Would you like something different which will offer quality accommodation and loads of fun? Visit Agia Paraskevi Beach is Skiathos and you’ll be surprised with the hospitality of the locals and the choices of hotels and lodging as well as with the nightlife and the facilities of the area. The village extends in a large valley with a stream running year round.
The architecture of the village doesn’t differ much from the rest of the island, but here you will come across picturesque spots, reminiscent of the Mount Pelion region, with tall trees and aspens to sit under their shade and enjoy a traditional Greek coffee. As in most of the island, there is a variety of accommodation, with many villas and 5-star hotels.In some of the hotels, there are swimming pools open to public. Don’t forget that Agia Paraskevi is a summer resort and the locals will do anything to ensure an enjoyable stay.

There is no need to go to Skiathos Town for everyday shopping or for meals and drinks. Here you will find a lot of taverns serving Greek menu just by the sea. It is worth trying seafood and fish when eating at these places and the tasteful dishes along with the sea breeze will immediately make you want to stay on the island forever!

The area is suitable for every visitor, no matter their age or preference. If you don’t want to commute to Skiathos Town, but you are concerned about the nightlife, then Agia Paraskevi is the place to stay. There are plenty of bars and cafes in the area to keep you entertained at night. If you don’t mind going to Skiathos for a beer or two, you could do it by taxi and bus.