Galissas is the most popular tourist resort of Syros, located in a protected bay on the west coast of the island. It includes an area of 7700 acres together with Danakos, a small and quiet farming settlement, the two villages together numbering 500 inhabitants. Galissas includes both arable land used for farming as well as rocky land used for herding.
The people of Galissas engage in farming, agriculture, commerce and tourism. There is a substantial tourist growth the last 20 years, converting the area from primarily agricultural to the most popular tourist resort of Syros.
The main Galissas beach is long, with shallow-waters, and lined with tamarisk trees and has been awarded the blue-flag by the EU. Visitors can engage in various water sport activities as well as mini-golf. There is also the quiet, small beach of Armeos in Agia Pakou bay, popular with nudists, with no shops or any other tourist infrastructure. It is about 10 minutes way on foot, by going up the steps to the church of Agia Pakou and then walking down to the beach. Alternatively, it is accessible by water bike or canoe from the main Galissas beach. 
Historians claim that Galissas was settled in the 8th century B.C., with small settlements such as Katacephalos, Harassonas, Horafida, Halepa, Agia Pakou, Argeuto, and Kaveiri. King of the settlement was Prineus the Galissios, hence the name of the village: Galissas.