Kalymnos is probably the best place in the world for rock climbing. The small size of the island makes it easier to get around and explore it. The best time to visit Kalymnos is during the spring and fall seasons. Kalymnos has become one of the major rock climbing destinations for both professional climbers and beginners. The island has various kinds of good-quality limestone rocks with different difficulty degrees, like overhangs, caves with stalactites, and slabs. The quality of the limestone rock is excellent, and it has easy access. Cliffs are very close to the city and may require 5 to 10 minutes of driving or 5 to 20 minutes of walking. There are some 44 high, steep rocks. It has a total of 1,200 single-pitch and multi-pitch routes. There are many easy routes for starters as well as more difficult routes for those willing to go on adventures. There are many cliffs that rise to 200 metres in height. The best climbing spot is around the village of Massouri. You can either get your own climbing equipment or rent it from the many climbing clubs and shops you will find on the island. The climbers can decide which route they might wish to take. More adventurous climbers can even discover new routes on their own, as plenty of virgin routes are yet to be explored. Four climbing festivals take place every year on the island, including the International Climbing Festival. ►View all Kalymnos sightseeing

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