Skopelos Nature Sights - Drakodoschisma in Skopelos, Greece is a remarkable rock formation that appears to be of human origin. This imposing rock boasts a stunning turquoise water surround, while a fascinating legend is concealed within its peculiar shape. According to local folklore, approximately 800 years ago, the island was terrorized by a dragon that devoured all of its inhabitants, rendering it desolate for nearly 400 years. However, Agios Riginos eventually learned of the monster's existence and ventured to the island to eliminate it. When the dragon saw the saint, it fled in terror and leaped into the sea from the rock, causing it to split. The area was then named Drakodoschisma. Though the only way to reach the coast is by sea, from the top of the rock, visitors can bask in the beautiful view. Discover the allure of Drakodoschisma in Skopelos, Greece.

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