Naxos Sights & Monuments - Chimaros Tower in Naxos, Greece is an ancient monument of great significance. It is located in Filoti and is believed to have been built in the late 4th century BC. This circular tower, constructed using huge marble boulders, is a fine example of Hellenistic-era defense-related architecture. Standing at an original height of 20m, with a 9.2m diameter at its base, it consisted of four levels connected by a marble staircase and was surrounded by a 35-meter square wall. Chimaros Tower was named after two streams that defined the area’s east and west. Although large sections of its interior have collapsed or are dilapidated, the tower's exterior remains preserved in considerably good condition, standing at a slightly reduced height of approximately 15m. The perimeter wall still stands, as do the remains of constructions that once stood within the property, such as olive mills. While the precise purpose and usage of Chimaros Tower on Naxos remain unclear, it is considered one of the most important ancient monuments on the island.

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