The cave of the bear or the Virgin Mary Arkoudiotissa lies on the path from Gouverneto to Gatholiko in Chania. There is a chapel inside the cave dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Near the entrance of the cave are a gray stalagmite in the form of a bear and a small pond in front of it. Explore the secrets of this cave as archaeologists claim that in antiquity the cave was a sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Artemis, which was transformed into a bear. The cave was sacred since ancient times. Inside relief inscriptions were found with Apollo and Artemis. This famous cave in Crete is an old riverbed now, and consists of a large hall with sufficient but afflicted adornment and blackened by the fires. There is a smaller second Chamber from where someone penetrates through a very narrow passage. After the Chamber that there is another small cave but it is too small in width and not able to go through.

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