Mykonos Beaches - Located just 10 km from the island's capital, Agrari Beach in Mykonos, Greece is a hidden gem that's often overlooked in favor of the more popular Elia Beach. However, for those seeking a quieter and less crowded option, Agrari Beach is the perfect choice. Accessible by local bus or taxi boat, both Agrari and Elia beaches share a long stretch of sandy shoreline. While the approach involves a steep and narrow road, visitors are rewarded with stunning views. On Agrari Beach, there is a single cafeteria and two sets of beach loungers with shades. This peaceful beach is also known for attracting many nudists. Visitors can also take a scenic walk over the rocks to the left to visit nearby Elia Beach. Don't miss out on the tranquility and natural beauty of Agrari Beach in Mykonos, Greece.

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