Gorge Tripiti - the second from the western canyon of Samaria. Entrance to the gorge is confusing for many: many travelers try to enter the canyon of Tripiti stumble upon a stone wall, which causes them to turn back. And only experienced guides know the workarounds, leading to the canyon. Tripiti Gorge - one of the longest in Crete, in order to fully pass it, take at least two days. It starts with the way Omalos Plateau, located in the canyon, with a recess in the gorge road becomes very problematic, and the ascent to the peak of Gigilos (2080m) is already a necessity. After climbing the trail passes at an altitude of 1400 meters near the Linoseli source. Around the middle of the gorge it becomes rocky, with steep stone walls. It is in these moments you should be especially careful to count each step. Despite the gentle slopes, this area abounds with vegetation. Often here you can see wild goat Kri-Kri, which are found only in Crete. Near the exit to the Libyan Sea in the way you will find a chapel of St. Nicholas. The gorge Tripiti ends at a small peninsula on where once stood the ancient city Pikilasos, which served as a port.