Chania Mountians & Nature - Askyfou Plateau in Sfakia, Chania Crete is a must-visit destination located 50 kilometres south of Chania. This beautiful plateau is nestled in one of the most authentic and picturesque areas of Crete, surrounded by wild mountains and breathtaking valleys that create a stunning landscape all year round. During the winter season, the plateau transforms into a winter wonderland with snow covering its 1200-metre altitude. Askyfou Plateau gets its name from the ancient Greek word for "cup" due to its shape, which is formed by a lake at the top. This destination is perfect for adventure enthusiasts who love to hike and explore the surrounding areas. The plateau is home to four quaint villages, mostly inhabited by shepherds, with some locals working in tourism. Along the main road that connects Sfakia to Chania, you'll find traditional taverns and shops where you can experience the local culture and cuisine. Don't miss out on the stunning beauty of Askyfou Plateau in Sfakia, Chania Crete.

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