Syros Churches & Monasteries - The Capuchin Monastery in Syros, Greece is a historic site located in Ano Syros. This monastery is dedicated to Saint John and was established in 1653 by King Louis XIII of France. Although there are currently no monks residing in the monastery except for the abbot, it remains a significant landmark in the area. The Capuchin Monastery and the nearby Jesuit Monastery played a crucial role in the social and religious life of the locals. These monasteries were responsible for establishing schools and hospitals in the region.

The church of Agios Ioannis is situated within the Capuchin Monastery and dates back to 1635. The church's basement contains crypts that were once used as shelters during pirate attacks. Later on, these crypts were used to house the bones and tombstones of the old Catholic families after 1896. Exploring the many adits and basements of the monastery is a must-do activity for history enthusiasts visiting Syros, Greece. Discover the rich history of the Capuchin Monastery and its significant influence on the region.

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