Chios Churches & Monasteries - Agia Markella Church in Chios, Greece is a sacred site that honours the patron saint of Chios. This historic church is located near the picturesque village of Volissos and is shrouded in legend and myth. According to local lore, Agia Markella refused to obey her pagan father and fled to the rugged mountains. She was eventually found hiding in the bushes, but as her father tried to pull her out, he inadvertently burned the bush, causing her to pray to God for help. The earth then opened up and concealed her body, leaving only her head exposed. Unfortunately, her father found her and beheaded her, throwing her head into the sea. Today, visitors can see a spring flowing from the very rocks that hid her body. In a remarkable twist of fate, her head was discovered on the nearby beach of Komi a few years later. The most significant celebration in honour of Agia Markella takes place annually on July 22. Plan your visit to Agia Markella Church in Chios, Greece, and experience the captivating history and stunning beauty of this magnificent site.

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