To get to this beach, just leaving Gavrio and heading on the central road towards Batsi, you come across the beautiful seaside village of Agios Petros. Just 3km North East of the main port town, Gavrio, this sleepy village is host to a gorgeous western sea front and of course, the tower of Agios Petros. The drive, or walk, through the western part of the island is heavenly, making every minute something to remember. Like the rest of the island, Agios Petros beach in Andros gives you a sensation of living in a dream.
The long beach with soft golden sand merges into the crystalline waters of the sea. Sloping softly into the sea, the beach is an ideal place for children wanting a cool dip as well as for lazy tourists. The beach is probably the main attraction in a village that is rapidly growing in size as well as reputation for being a major tourist attraction. Many taverns have popped up in the village and they offer an ideal break from the sun. With very little shade on the beach, visitors are advised to carry adequate protection from the sun.