Kefalonia Museums - The Folklore Museum in Kefalonia, Greece is situated on the ground floor of the Korgialenios Library. It was generously donated by Vangelis Typaldos Bassia. The museum has an extensive collection of historical and folklore data from Kefalonia, dating back to the Venetian period up until the earthquakes in 1953. You can explore a wealth of historical documents, including English, French, and Italian copies, as well as everyday items such as household ware, porcelain, silverware, farm utensils, and even a reconstructed bedroom. The museum also showcases maps, surveys, and church plans, as well as photographic records featuring over 3000 images of Kefalonia, historical figures, and architectural hardware. You can also marvel at religious icons and temples, works of art, wooden temples, sacred vessels, coins, and pictures. Be sure to visit the informative Korgialeneios Library while you're there!

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