Skyros Sights & Monuments - The Byzantine Castle in Skyros, Greece is a historic fortress perched on the highest point of Skyros town, providing a breathtaking panoramic view of the area. Built during the Byzantine era, the primary purpose of this stone castle was to protect the island from enemies and pirates that frequented the Aegean islands. Despite not being as well-preserved as other castles in Greece, the Castle of Skyros boasts simple yet robust architecture. A marble lion adorns the wall above the main entrance, impressing any visitor. The castle offers stunning views of the town and the sea, although only a few remains of the old fortifications remain. The Monastery of Agios Georgios, a grand church located inside the castle, is a dependency of the Monastery of Megisti Lavra in Mount Athos. This remarkable church, founded in the 10th century, features notable hagiographies and rests on the rocky mountains beneath the walls. The Castle of Skyros is located within walking distance of the town center, making it an easily accessible and worthwhile attraction to visit.

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