The Smilaino gorge in is located north of the village Ano Meros and approximately 45 km southeast of the city of Rethymno. The Ligiotis River, flowing out from Gerakari, passes through the gorge. The gorge is 2.5 km long, starts at the village Vrises near the abandoned settlement of Smilé, the name of which it comes from. Pretty rough and wild, especially at the beginning, the Smiliano gorge, or else Kalamafka, is the ideal destination for all the canyoning-lovers in early summer, since there are a lot of waterfalls with very deep lakes beneath, ideal for “jumps”. The biggest “jump” is about 15 meters tall, probably the tallest in Crete. At some parts, the Smiliano gorge narrows and requires the use of ropes or, alternatively, parallel hiking along the slopes of the gorge.