Rethymnon Sights & Monuments - Discover the hidden wonders of Ancient Eleftherna, situated just 25 km southeast of Rethymnon on two ridges, Pyrgi and Nissi. Three streams converge at the northern foot of these hills, making it an ideal location for settlement. The urban hub of Eleftherna was always situated in Pyrgi, where remnants of Hellenistic walls and buildings, Roman structures, and an early Christian basilica can be found on the east slope. On the west slope lies the cemetery of the Late Geometric and Archaic periods, including Orthi Petra (standing stone), which was later partially covered by Roman buildings. As Crete's capital city during the Geometric and Archaic periods, Eleftherna was one of the island's most significant ancient cities, even producing its own coins in the fourth century BC. In 220 BC, the city fought alongside Knossos against other Cretan cities, but was ultimately forced to break the alliance after a siege. During the Roman era, Eleftherna was finally conquered in 68 BC by the Roman general Metellus after a prolonged resistance due to its strategic location. Explore the ancient ruins of Eleftherna in Rethymnon, Crete, and uncover the secrets of this historically significant city.

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