Zagori Churches & Monasteries - The Agios Ioannis Rogovos Monastery in Zagori, Epirus, is one of the most stunning religious sites in the area. Dedicated to St. Giannis the precursor, this monastery sits atop a wooded hill near Rogovo, only 2 kilometers prior to Tsepelovo. Pulcheria, the sister of Byzantium's Romanos III, constructed the monastery between 1028 and 1034. Although the Serbian occupation destroyed it, the Vradeto brothers Kontodemos and the priest Nikodemus refurbished it. Even though there are no monks present, this historical landmark is well-maintained. The monastery observes an annual celebration on June 24th. Discover the beauty and history of the Agios Ioannis Rogovos Monastery in Zagori, Epirus.

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