Paros Churches & Monasteries - Discover the enchanting Agios Antonios Church in Paros, Greece, located in the charming town of Naoussa. This significant structure, built in traditional Cycladic style architecture, radiates the true essence of Greece with its white-washed building. Its prime location near the harbor makes it easily accessible, and it is believed to be the protector of all fishing boats. The locals hold this quaint church in high regard, and every year on the 17th of January, they celebrate the name day of Agios Antonios with great enthusiasm and aplomb. Join in the festivities and visit the monastery of Agios Antonios on Kephalos Hill. Experience the belief that the Agios Antonios Church in Paros watches over the locals every time they venture out to sea. Explore the charm of this beautiful church and create unforgettable memories.

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