Agia Fotini cave is located on the mountain Louloudaki 7 km south of the village Avdou in the Heraklion prefecture. The village has a sign that indicates the direction to the cave. To get to Agia Fotini is a small dirt road, turning then to the steep mountain trail. It is necessary to be extremely careful, because the entrance to the cave is located at an altitude of 760 meters. Agia Fotini Cave in Crete is permitted for visits and has a length of 40 meters and up to 2 meters in width. Maximum ceiling height - about 20 meters, the minimum - 5 meters. It is known that the total length of the paths is around 700 meters. At the entrance there is a shrine and, after 12m there is an underground cavity. From there, a narrow corridor starts, which is an old riverbed, leading to the last room of the cave. This room is used as a church dedicated to Agia Fotini.  According to legend, the cave was named after St. Fotini, which for a long time sought refuge in order to devote herself to God, but could not find it. Then the Virgin Mary appeared and created the rock cave especially for St. Fotini, and had the opportunity to serve and pray to the Lord. Now traditionally many women come to this cave.

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