Kalymnos Sights & Monuments - Chrysocheria Castle in Kalymnos, Greece, was built by the Knights of Saint John in the 14th century as a fortress against pirate invasions. It also goes by the name Citadel of the Knights. The castle overlooks Pothia and houses a small chapel dedicated to Panagia Chrysochera. Although abandoned in the 18th century, Chrysocheria Castle remains an impressive monument to this day.

Inside the castle, visitors will find ten churches adorned with wall paintings dating back to the late 15th and early 16th centuries. The houses, which are rectangular or irregularly shaped, were built adjacent to each other due to limited space. Most of the houses are small and some were even constructed into the wall of the fortification. Fireplaces were used for heating and cooking, while many houses had their own cisterns for collecting rainwater. At the center of the castle, two large public water tanks provided water for the inhabitants. Additionally, two olive presses were used to produce olive oil for daily needs. Don't miss the chance to explore the fascinating history and architecture of Chrysocheria Castle in Kalymnos, Greece.


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