Naxos is home to the highest mountain in the Cyclades. The magnificent Zas mountain takes its name from the ancient Greek God Zeus. In Greek Mythology, Zeus was the father of all the other Gods. It was believed that he had spent his early life on Naxos.

Zas mountain stands at an impressive 1,004 meters. Its summit offers stunning, panoramic views of the vast blue Aegean Sea. On clear days, you can see all the Cycladic islands that surround Naxos. If you enjoy trekking, you can reach the mountain top by following a trail that starts from St. Marina Church. The church itself is on route to Danakos village.

At the foot of Zas mountain, close to Filoti Village, is the famous water source of Argion. In summer, it’s an ideal place to stop and drink some of its cool, refreshing water. After resting in a shady spot, and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, you can gather up your strength for a walk up to the cave of Za. It’s the biggest cave on the island, and worth a visit for its beautiful stalagmite structures. You’ll need a strong flashlight to explore the cave, although few people have reached its bottom, which is over 700m in depth.