Lefkada Sights & Monuments - Located just 1km away from the capital town, Agia Mavra Castle in Lefkada, Greece was first built in 1300 by Sicilian Ioannis Orsini to protect the island from pirates and enemies. Over the years, the castle has undergone renovations and remains well-preserved. Inside, visitors can explore squares, administrative buildings, and cisterns. Interestingly, the Frankish knights who conquered Lefkada named the castle Agia Mavra (Sainte Maure) in honor of their country of origin. At one point, the entire island was even referred to as the Castle of Agia Mavra. In the 16th century, the Venetians took control of the island. Today, visitors can also see the bridge built by Ottoman Sultan Bagiazit in 1487, connecting the city to the castle. Don't miss your chance to explore the rich history of Agia Mavra Castle in Lefkada, Greece.

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