Bali is a small quiet village, famous for the beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere. The village is located at a distance from large cities (45 km from Heraklion and 28 km from Rethymno) attracts families with children and older couples. Around Bali there are three small coves with pebble beaches, there is a small number of taverns and restaurants just off the coast, large shops and supermarkets are located mainly in the center of the area. From Bali many excursions to the islands of Santorini and Gramvousa are sent. Not far from the village of Bali, you can see the Monastery of St. John the Baptist and has a beautiful view of the sea. Near the monastery you can see an ancient Byzantine church, which dates from the 1635 year of age. Bali gives tourists a welcome rest and relaxation, it’s just paradise.

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