The Museum of Ceramic Art is an open exhibitional space found at the yard of Artistic Villlage, an art gallery and shop located between Afandou and Kolymbia in Rhodes, just 20 km from the capital Town. Created by Nikolas Simiakos, this is the first museum where visitors can learn about pottery art from its beginning until today. In the Museum of Ceramic Art, visitors can first see the workshop, where the craftsman works on pottery. The workshop should have ample space so that the artist works in comfort and a potter's wheel on the corner. In the museum you can also see the various kinds of clay that are used in Rhodes as well as the tools, the kilns and how they were getting prepared to make the mud into pot. The museum also shows the strong connection between people and ceramics. The ceramic items are used in the entire journey of life, especially in Greece and Rhodes Island. They are parts of the most important events in life and were largely used in household until few decades ago, as can be understood from the exhibits of the Museum of Ceramic Art. Entrance is free.