Rhodes Museums - The Ceramic Art Museum in Rhodes, Greece is a unique exhibition space located in the yard of the Artistic Village; an art gallery and shop nestled between Afandou and Kolymbia, just 20 km from the capital town. Developed by Nikolas Simiakos, this museum offers a comprehensive journey through the history of pottery art, from its origins to contemporary times. The Museum of Ceramic Art features a spacious workshop where visitors can observe skilled craftsmen at work on pottery, complete with a potter's wheel in the corner. Additionally, the museum showcases the various types of clay used in Rhodes, as well as the tools and kilns utilized to mold the clay into stunning pieces of pottery. Discover the deep connection between people and ceramics, as these items are an integral part of daily life, particularly in Greece and on Rhodes Island. With free admission, the Museum of Ceramic Art is a must-see destination for anyone interested in the rich cultural heritage of Rhodes.

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