Argolida Churches & Monasteries - Located alongside the main Ermioni to Corinth road in Epidavros, Peloponnese, Agnountos Monastery is a stunning 11th-century Byzantine monastery, widely regarded as one of the best churches in the region. Set amidst the natural beauty of the countryside, the monastery offers a tranquil escape that's well worth a visit. Accessible via a ramp leading through the olive tree gardens from the parking area, the entrance features small shops that sell holy relics and natural foods made by the local Orthodox nuns. The rustic grounds offer plenty of shade, peace, and natural beauty.

Inside the church of Panaghia, you'll find an impressive collection of holy relics, frescos, and icons that showcase amazing Byzantine artwork. While photography is not allowed inside the church, the resident nuns will switch on the lights to ensure you don't miss a thing. Please note that the dress code requires visitors to avoid shorts or t-shirts. With its breathtaking beauty and rich history, Agnountos Monastery is an unforgettable destination for visitors to the Peloponnese.

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