Lefkada Sights & Monuments - Located between the charming villages of Kalligoni and Kariotes in the picturesque north of Lefkada, Greece lies the ancient site of Nirikos. This historic site is home to the ruins of the ancient wall town of Lefkas, which includes two cemeteries, isolated monuments, several graves, farmhouses, port facilities, and wall parts. Nirikos predates the first Corinthian colony, and was eventually taken over by the town of Nirikos. Founded by the Corinthians during the 7th century BC, Nirikos continued to thrive until the Byzantine era. Excavations around the 20th century uncovered a fragment of an open theater on the hill of Koulmos. Recent excavations, conducted in partnership with the municipality of Lefkada, have revealed new evidence of the high importance of this discovery for the island of Lefkada. Discover the wonders of Ancient Nirikos in Lefkada, Greece and immerse yourself in the rich history of this captivating site.

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