Kalymnos Sights & Monuments - The Castle of Chora in Kalymnos, Greece is a must-visit attraction. Once known as the Great Castle, it sits on the site of ancient Pothia and served as the medieval capital of Kalymnos. Originally constructed in 1495, the castle was continuously inhabited until 1812. Today, it remains an impressive sight, though it may seem abandoned. To access the castle, you'll need to climb the 230 steps that lead from Pothia to the gate. Once inside, you'll find a collection of historic buildings including several houses, two large water tanks, a stone mill pond, and a well-preserved stone roller used for crushing olives. There are also ten churches in the castle's confines. Outside the castle, on the eastern wall, are the cannon towers used to defend the castle. Plan a visit to the Castle of Chora in Kalymnos for a historical and breathtaking experience.

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