In a lush green valley in the region of Potamia, there is the Byzantine church of Agios Mamas, dating from the mid 9th century. The Agios Mamas church in Naxos is considered the oldest chapel and has a very interesting architectural style. The roof is cross-shaped and in the interior there are interesting sculptures and frescoes. Unfortunately the interior is not open to public as the church needs restoration. Before the Venetian occupation of Cyclades in the Medieval times, the Church of Agios Mamas served as the Orthodox Cathedral of Naxos. After 1207, when the Venetians conquered the islands, the church was turned into a Catholic chapel. Agios Mamas, the protector of shepherds, was an important saint for the locals, as agriculture and cattle-breeding was the main income for Naxos. Access to this church is possible through a hiking path from Potamia.